Do You Know The #1 Secret Contractors Are Using In 2019 To Get Licensed FAST?

The answer is a SIMPLE and EASY to follow process!

I worked at Contractor School for years and the biggest obstacles many of my students faced was either they started the process and never finished or just put it off and never started AT ALL

…and the school I worked for at the time (like most in the industry) let them fall through the cracks as they felt once they got the money from the student... it really wasn’t their problem anymore.

Instead of getting a CLEAR PLAN to complete a process that should take no more than 90 days, for some it turned into a long drawn out ordeal sometimes TAKING YEARS…

Now there is a modern solution that thousands of Contractors are using...

If you are determined to finally get your California Contractor license, take your income to the next level and make this year your most lucrative year yet.

Then keep reading…

Here's The Big Problem:

Complicated Process – The CSLB often takes a long time to process applications and assign test dates. For busy contractors a lot can happen over 3-6 months... this means that getting a license can quickly take a back seat to earning a living!

Out-Dated Study Materials –  Most study materials on the market are generic and rarely updated. They teach you one thing and then on test day, you see questions and subject matter that are completely different from what you studied!

No Clear System – Rarely do you find a course with a clearly laid out plan of action from A-Z. Knowing what to study, how to study it, and a proven roadmap is key to your success!

Inneffective Methods – Who really wants to sit and study loads of books and watch boring lessons on a DVD player? In this day and age students are retaining more from modern interactive online exams!

We’ve Decided To Solve All That...

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What is Included:

CSLB Law & Business Study Guide

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You get detailed breakdowns of the LAW portion of the exam with step by step, A to Z instructions that will guide you through the entire exam. Written in a simple and easy to understand way. No complex LAW language!

With the simple instructions, you can move through key concepts you must know for the test and create a solid foundation.

It's like having a PRIVATE INSTRUCTOR, by your side, guiding you through the entire program.

1 FULL YEAR of Online Practice Examinations

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With visual examples included in your online practice tests, you will gain a truly deep understanding of the exam content. 

The level of accuracy and innovation within these exams will make the actual exam a walk in the park!

With online practice exams THIS modern and accurate, your exam will PASS ITSELF. Just point and click!

California Health & Safety Codes Review

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15% of the examination covers safety! You must understand job site safety in order to pass this examination. Our health and safety codes course is the most intuitive program you will find anywhere.

You will get a deep dive training on the function of each state agency and strategies to help you remember on test day. 

You get to see EXACTLY how the CSLB will present questions testing your understanding of OSHA, EPA, and DOSH

Construction Math Review Course

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This will be the simplest and most effective math course you will ever take. Designed to get you up to speed on all of the math concepts you need to know. 

You do NOT need to be a math wiz or law expert to be successful with this course. Our goal is to get you to the point where you can answer the math questions on the test in under 20 seconds!  

Whether you're a complete beginner to Construction Law or a seasoned pro, you'll find every aspect of this course extremely beneficial.

What You Will Learn!



Cost Control



Cash Management

Record Keeping


General Safety


Employment Regulations

Taxes and Financial reporting

Company Organization

Project Management

Business Licenses

Budgeting and Planning


Worker's Compensation

Insurance Requirements

Employee Rights

Mechanics Liens

Contractor Licenses

Activity Regulation

Hazardous Materials

And Much More!

How long does it take to get licensed?

Typically the process fluctuates between 60-90 days. There are several factors that can extend the application process however on average you are looking at a 90 day process.

How long does it take for me to get my study materials?

You will typically receive your study materials within 3-5 Business days!

Is this just for Construction Contractors?

While this course is designed for Contractors taking the examination, this is also an excellent resource for Real Estate Agents, Architects, Handymen, Lawyers, Project Managers, Apprentices and anyone looking to expand their knowledge of the Construction Business!

Are These Study Materials Up to Date?

All of our materials are 100% up to date. Our team works tirelessly to investigate the accuracy of our study materials ensuring that you are receiving the most current versions of the state exam!

Why Should I Get Licensed in 2020?

California offers several HUGE ADVANTAGES to those who make the investment in themselves to get licensed

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Advertise Your Services  

Start a website, Make Business Cards, Radio, TV, Marketing and Car Advertisements

Take On Lucrative Side Projects 

Start a website, Make Business Cards, Radio, TV, Marketing and Car Advertisements

Earn Extra Income as an RMO 

Become Responsible Managing Officer and Qualify Someone else's Construction Business

Pull Building Permits 

Obtain Permits From The City For Your Clients

Start Your Own Business 

Start your own business, create your own team, and be your own boss!

Work With Select Suppliers 

Some suppliers only work with licensed contractors, get access to premium suppliers and better rates!

Licenses that fall under the C-61 Limited Specialty Classification Only Require You To Pass the Law & Business Test!

Awnings (D-3) 

Central Vacuum Systems (D-4) 

Concrete Related Services (D-6) 

Drilling, Blasting and Oil Field Work (D-9) 

Elevated Floors (D-10) 

Synthetic Products (D-12) 

Hardware, Locks, and Safes (D-16) 

Machinery and Pumps (D-21) 

Metal Products (D-24) 

Doors, Gates and Activating Devices (D-28) 

Siding and Decking (D-41) 

Non-Electrical Sign Installation (D-42) 

Tree Service (D-49) 

Suspended Ceilings (D-50) 

Window Coverings (D-52) 

Paperhanging (D-29)

Pile Driving and Pressure Foundation (D-30) 

Pole Installation (D-31)

Prefabricated Equipment Installation (D-34)

Pool and Spa Maintenance(D-35)

Sand and Water Blasting (D-38)

Scaffolding (D-39)

Service Station Equipment and Maintenance (D-40)

Weatherization and Energy Conservation (D-65)

Wood Tanks (D-53)

Trenching (D-56)

Hydroseed Spraying (D-59)

Air and Water Balancing (D-62)

Construction Clean-Up (D-63)

Non-Specialized (D-64)

Get The Modern Method for Contractor License Exam Domination Today!

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CSLB Law & Business Study Guide

Online Practice Tests + Answers (1 YEAR FULL ACCESS)

Construction Health and Safety Codes Review

Complete Construction Math Review Course

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